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Introducing Texas Energy Conference

April 27, 2019

Education. Energy. Entrepreneurship. We want to empower students and young individuals by bringing them face to face with real startups, professionals, and executives. We want to inspire the next generation so that they can be the ones inspiring future generations to come, and lastly, we want UT Austin to be at the center of focus when it comes to energy entrepreneurship.


About TEC

Texas Energy Conference is a student-run conference that will be held in Austin, TX on April 27, 2019. Executives, professors, and professionals will participate in presentations, panels, and workshops regarding the future of energy. TEC is focused on fostering innovation amongst energy related startups through the UT Alternative Energy Challenge, while bringing entrepreneurs, students, and corporate professionals together to keep Texas at the forefront of solving tomorrow's greatest clean energy challenges.


AEC 2019

The Alternative Energy Challenge will be held during the conference. The first round will be a group stage, with the winner of each group moving on to the final round to present in front of an open audience for cash prizes. All teams will be applying through our website and those who qualify will be invited to participate in the competition on the second day.  The prize amounts are shown below:

  • First Place: $1500​

  • Second Place: $1000

  • Third Place: $500

The eligibility rules are shown below:

  • All team members currently pursuing an undergraduate degree

  •  2-5 team members​


Contact Us

We hope you're able to attend. If you have questions about the registration process, our schedule or general information, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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